Posted on February 27, 2013


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If you happen to read some extracts from the Bulgarian newspapers from today, you might think that the seven million population has some deep emotional problems, as the word “tears” is one of the most frequently used. But what is the reason for this behavior from both politicians and ordinary people?

The facts

For around a week there have been protests in all major cities in Bulgaria. Originally the reason wasGoogle Images the high price of the electricity, but later on they turned into protests against the government and as a whole everything that has been done wrong since 1989. And this is quite a lot.

It should be pointed out, that in the last years Bulgaria has not seen so large-scale protests with so many participants from so various backgrounds.

Days later the finance minister resigned or was discharged (various interpretations). Mr Dyankov is famous for his hard politic and the habit to say “No!”, if…

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