Third March in Varna, Bulgaria 12:00, 03.03.2013 – peaceful protests and celebration combined

Posted on March 4, 2013


Third March is historical National celebration day in Bulgaria from 1880.

On March 3, 1878 in the town of San Stefano, today Yeşilköy, a suburb of Istanbul, was signed a peace treaty between Russia and the Ottoman Empire. This treaty ended the Russo-Turkish War (1877-1878.) and gets back the freedom of Bulgarian country after 500 years of Ottoman rule over them.

Today this day is also memorable for people of Bulgaria and specially for Varna, not only about the celebration of freedom, but the unity of one nation which rises against current corruption, monopolists, mafia and bad leadership in form of protests against the mayor of the city and the only one company that supplies the city and the country with electricity.

Reason behind protests are unfeasible raising of electricity bills, selling governmental properties, making shade contracts, ruling the city divided between paid police-mans, mafia and politics. On the top of the corruption pyramid are mass media, which filters outside information with the interests of the politics.

During last years city of Varna from the most beautiful and cultural city to live, is transformed to ruins. Now in the city there is no job even in nonspecialist jobs like waiters and sellers – business consultants, the only way of getting some money is to work for the organized crime, which owns all major properties including the airport and resort places of the city. The money is also restricted amount just to survive, salaries are from 150- 250 euro, and during the winter there is no job at all.

On the top of all the mayor which, does not have connections with mafia just supports shady contracts from the town councilors and majority off them show their interests is to vote for the mafia on key contracts – as example selling governmental Sea garden to private rich owners. Two main groups of people rule this police city, which are very rich and support this way of destroying the nation of Bulgaria from local to global level. The police is paid an it allows certain freedoms for special persons.

During the past 23 years Bulgarians are waiting passionately for this transitional period to be over from socialism to democracy. As it seems now from statistics they live even worse than in 1989 in which the salary was 274 lv. equivalent to 1055 kg bread. and now 2010 the salary only in the capital, almost impossible to city like Varna is 649 lv. equivalent to 578 kg bread.

So 1989 = 1055 kg bread 2010 = 578 kg bread why?

1 Euro = 1.95583 Lev or almost 2 Lev=lv

This means that with salary 649 lv = 325 Euro

National politics made their plan for infrastructure and centralization but pity of it is that only capital Sofia is benefiting of the work of all country, and left almost no European programs working in other parts. People of Sofia even the prime minister insulted people of Varna calling them village people, because the social status of Varna get worst trough the years.

No production, no money to the people makes the situation even worse because, all the country does not utilize its beautiful nature, stops production, and just relies on outsourcing support, subsidization. And people survive from making trading not producing.

Politics today care only for the big monopolist business, and now changes to the small and middle business, which still somehow does not fit the normal person. There is no good social and health care politics and people die for the prosperity of the few chosen ones.

This democratic regime became anarchy during last years, and with a small mechanism of people, which control the situation. People have lost faith the government, politics, media and parties and today they are in the streets from almost 20 days to fight for their “real” freedom.

Locally in Varna people get poorer and they do not have money to pay bills which are raised by times and factors for no reason. For example from 130 lv to 470lv. If the salary of the man is 500lv how he suppose to survive?

They start peaceful protests and as soon as some of the protestants put concrete names aggression starts from people sabotage protests. They come and cut the fliers, make noises when people are shouting that mayor should resign or other demands from the crowds. This people are paid from parties and from government to protect them.

After some so-called “accidents” from the media like guy protecting flier being hit and the police do not arrest the attacker. People started making its own investigations pictures and media, and sharing in Facebook paid trouble makers.

During last days mayor do not give his resignation, even started to pay for people and kids to support him in different places, it is a pity because he said he was chosen by 70 000 people, and now the protestants only on the street are more than 60 000, this means that the votes are being corrupted.

The major party “Gerb” in Bulgaria said that the choosing of this major for fourth time was  a mistake in national television.

One guy inflamed himself in protestation on the government in Varna, which really provoked for the change of the 4th mandates of the same major.

Outside intrusion in the Bulgarian politics must be made, even outside government, because local interests are too strong and will always make people suffer at the end. There is no attention paid to the education, and smart young people go away from the country, leaving their homes, families and country to work low paid just to support their parents here. Whole population is kept away from the world news and filtered due to mass media, new generation lowers their interest in study and further they cannot incorporate them self well in this old communist ruled country, decoration is still far away. In this lands only the money rules for different services, production and agriculture is all forgotten. Whole country relies on outsourcing, making bad copy of American model for community.

More about the transition period you can read on:


On this picture is written: This you will not see it in TV. This guys ware arrested in the night of 2 March, when making marks for the letters of the sign BULGARIA in city Varna. They spend whole night in the arrest and were released on the other day. Thanks to them and the other participants, we had a chance to see this event of signing the letters of Bulgaria with human bodies.



Plamen Goranov the guy who inflame himself in front of the municipality of Varna, died last night, according to Chief of Naval Hospital in Varna Col. Dr. Ivaylo Vazharov.

Plamen died last night around 20.00 at the Naval Hospital in the city. Until last night Plamen friends called emergency blood donation. Blood Center in the city yesterday worked overtime, writes Offnews.

36-year-old Plamen fire in protest on 20 February in front of Varna Municipality. He wanted the resignation of Mayor Kiril Yordanov. Around 70,000 people marched in the seaside capital asking for the resignation of the mayor. On Sunday GERB announced that removed political support for Yordanov.–DUHAT-I-DELOTO-MU-SHHE-SA-VECHNO-ZHIVI-__33319

People also scream uuu in front of the concurrent of the mayor, owner of pharmacies in whole Bulgaria. – ~70 000 protesting against the mayor of Varna. – police tries to make direction of protestants. 18 February 2013 09:33


Greece – min salary 586 euro – min pension 386 euro

Bulgaria – min salary 158 euro – min pension 74 euro is it fair?


One nation one fight – 1kwh = 0.01% of mid range work salary


Even public transport participates in the protests


On the sign is written “Btv – manipulators” which means that the mass media in Bulgaria is also involved.

Protest are peaceful this can be seen because the police is with shields on the ground.
Mayor pays to gypsies and kids to support him.
No media shows the protests, they only showed the attempt to murder of politics. This is written on the sign.
Bulgaria outside dept in different governments you can see how it grows and grows. – Presentation of cultural sea capital of Bulgaria – Varna.
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